Why Should You Visit Egypt?

1. Fascinating Things Come in Small Packages

In any way, a small state, Israel never fails to charm. Jerusalem is the capital and holy city for three major religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and Islam, while Tel Aviv brims with beaches and bustles energy and vitality in the city. There's also an area called the Dead Sea and Masada as well as the striking, breathtaking Negev and the fertile Galilee. The number of museums and other cultural institutions per square kilometer is greater in Israel than any other place in the world.

2. It's a Religious Experience (Literally)

Jerusalem is the home of major holy sites and places of pilgrimage, such as The Temple Mount, Western Wall and the Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Dome of the Rock as well as the al-Aqsa Mosque. Whatever the beliefs of one's religion and the connections visitors feel to Jerusalem, the Holy Land, the overriding spirituality in Jerusalem is something special that everyone should experience. It is the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial is a must visit for anyone visiting. Safed is the birthplace of Jewish spirituality, and you can follow Christ's steps across the shores of Sea of Galilee.

3. Israel's Natural Wonders

For many of us, for many, the Mediterranean coast is a beauty, with beaches that are unspoiled despite their proximity to cities. However, if you stay away of the coastline, Israel's variety is truly astonishing In the south, there's the huge crater-strewn expanse in the Negev Desert, while to the east there's it's the Dead Sea beckons with the saltiest water body on the planet and at 1,388 feet beneath sea level, is the lowest elevation of the earth. The north is there is the Galilee region is stunning with its lush valleys and hills that (in winter) constitute a major point of entry for birds migrating across the country and constitute the core of the famous Israeli wine region.

4. Israel's Great Desert Adventures

The Israeli Negev is a beauty to behold, its stunning desert relief is home to an endless array of stunning landscapes. Eco-tourism and desert adventure tour options are abundant with everything from biking and hiking on desert trails to Jeep trips that cover all terrain as well as camel rides on the ancient route of frankincense along with rock climbing and rappelling. There's also a wide variety in modern cabins for guests and lodges and exclusive spas that you can relax in after a long day of exploration in the desert.

5. Delicious New Israeli Cuisine

It's not"the Land of Milk and Honey for absolutely nothing! Because of the Mediterranean climate and agro-ingenuity, Israel grows an amazing variety of organic food that is incorporated into fresh and delicious market food which is served across the country. Since it's a country at the crossroads There are countless kinds of food and restaurants that range from Jewish Yemenite and Druze, Palestinian to Turkish to fashionable New Israeli restaurants that take reservations for weeks in advance.

6. Amazing Archaeological Sites

The rich history of the country goes back as far as the biblical period, Israel has a rich variety of ancient sites that are easily accessible. Most well-known is Masada which is a mountainous fortress situated at the border of the Judean desert, where Jews were attempting to defend themselves from the old Romans. There are amazing Roman ruins in Caesarea (some of which may be explored on an underwater excursion), Crusader ramparts in Akko as well as the ancient Western Wall in Jerusalem, St. Mary's Well in Nazareth and much more. And new discoveries are made every throughout the day.

7. Events and Festivals

The Voice of Music Festival in Galilee (summer) International Klezmer Festival in Safed (summer) Annual Tiberias Marathon (winter) Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theater (September) Tel Aviv Gay Pride (June) Olive Festival (Galilee) Masada Opera Festival Tour de Dead Sea (bicycle race) Eilat Chamber Music Festival Haifa International Film Festival Jerusalem International Film Festival.

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