Ephesus Pamukkale


Ephesus is a city that has weathered the test of time, having seen empires come and go as conquerors battled for control throughout its history. The vibrant port rose to fame in ancient Greece before becoming an important trading centre between East and West during Roman rule. Its well-preserved ruins today can still be found in Turkey where they stand testament to this once thriving metropolis at the heart of Mediterranean commerce.
Why is Ephesus important to Turkey?
Ephesus is nothing short of a living history book. From its past as the bustling trade centre and religious hub during Ancient times, to becoming one of Turkey's top tourist destinations today - this ancient city has seen it all! On UNESCO's World Heritage List since 2015, Ephesus lies in Selcuk; a small town 30 km away from Kusadasi where you can visit its museum which recently reopened following renovation works on the building itself.
Pamukkale, or 'cotton castle' as it is known in Turkish, offers an incredible combination of natural and human sights. Its white calcium travertines are a stunning backdrop for the thermal pools and ancient city ruins at Hierapolis - all included with one entrance ticket! Take time to explore this unique historical site while admiring its remarkable landscape; you won't be disappointed by what Turkey has to offer here. Explore an ancient metropolis shrouded in history and be transported back 2,000 years as you wander the sacred Hieropolis. Here lies a city that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988 to preserve its mystifying beauty for generations to come! Admire stunning Roman ruins such as theatres and museums or take time out of your day just strolling down main streets - it's up to you! Be sure not miss this special place on any visit Denizli; despite being 12 miles away from Pamukkale, the magnificent city can easily be seen from afar.
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